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Cake PHP Optimal Payment Component with ccPurchase, ccAuthorize, ccVerification, ccSettlement, ccStoredDataPurchase and ccStoredDataAuthorize

After few days days of testing in live of this the component, I have decided to publish this component to open source  to community. I have implemented because, I found the lack of  proper PHP codes for O ptimal Payment. Even though the implementation is too power full it lacks proper documentation and PHP codes. I have implemented same for cake php 2.0 . But I will release the Core PHP version in the next  post.

we have implemented optimal payment web services API for this Payment implementation. This truly power full as it have all facilities which PayPal and provides in a bit complex way are done here much easily. The main features are

  1. Purchase with credit card info .
  2. Purchase Authorization with credit card info  : [for those who not aware about Auth:, This is process of getting a permission to get a money(Called Capture) in future based on users permission gained in Approval(Authorization) part. ]
  3. Verify/Validate the credit card Information.
  4. Ability to purchase new item/product based on  users  previous purchase data(Doesn’t means  we are saving an credit card info).

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Challenges in Payment gateway integration

A few months after I left Agriya, I got an opportunity to work the Payment Gateway Integration.  You may wonder why I have mentioned Agriya here. Yes, that’s truly important as I have done more than 25 different payment gateways for various countries in Agriya in a short duration of 3months.  This is because, that was peak time for Agriya’s Groupon and Fiverr  clone scripts. I sware, still Agriya’s groupon and fiverr clones are the best in industry. This is because, they are equipped with perfect implementation, security, efficiency and  features. I appreciate the hands and brains behind it. So I thought of sharing some sharing a common points I come across in these


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