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Google Analytics over cross domain or multiple Domains

[img:Google Analytics over cross domain or multiple Domains]

Google Analytics over cross domain or multiple Domains

Google always recommends using separate analytical IDs and script for different domains. That is the best solution as we can track total stats of each domain properly. But sometimes we may face some scenarios where you need to track the stats of all domains.

But the Google Analytics documents have no mention on this. But there are ways to implement this.

The scenario’s where we need cross domain or multiple domains are,

  • We need summarized report on site stats of all domains
  • Business need a boosted or common report
  • Need a common goal analysis for all cross domains.

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Twitter’s new Location Feature – with a Bug!!!

[img;Twitter Location Feature]

Twitter Location Feature

Twitter is now coming with new feature called Location. But comes with a bug. It won’t let you add Chennai, as auto complete fails pop out Chennai. Also it is not letting me add new location too.Then what is the use of feature.

@Twitter Guys: Make it autocomplete with editable. Copy the same from Facebook, as you copied the location concept from them..

But I loved the feature, even though its is copy cat.

Major challenges faced by the SEO teams today

From the day one I start heard about the concept of SEO, I was really curious about it. Initially I thought it was small area, but my after studying basic concepts I started realizing the REAL depth of the SEO. It is like ocean.

After researching on little on SEO realized it not just back links building and directory submission, it’s basically has some ethics defined by the god of search

With my experience with SEO teams and few SEO Projects, am listing the major challenges faced by the SEO teams as,

  • No understanding of what exactly SEO is.
  • Bad understanding of Google Search Algorithm.
  • Creation of nonsense keywords, just to show that we are in the top of Google rank.
  • Bad understanding of customer need.
  • Bad definition of HTML page just for SEO.
  • Violation of Basic ethics.
  • Believing that Just Link building is SEO.
  • No conversion to real business.
  • No proper tools to Analysis the real stats
  • No understanding of what good rank and Alexa rank represents.
  • Usage of Link Blast tools like Xrumer by you or by your competitor.
  • Improper use of Google Adwords.

I would like give details analysis on each of this on coming days. Please keep posted here.

How to create background image Ads using pure HTML and CSS? A better, quick and smart way

Now a days “background image Ads” are becoming one of the common revenue making concepts in internet industry. But most of us, still unaware, how can make can we implement it. Technically there are too many ways to do it, including few jQuery solutions. But after experiencing with most of this I realized that HTML/CSS version is better and efficient in many aspects.

Some of the advantages are

  • CSS/HTML version is much quicker and easier.
  • Easy to understand.
  • As we are calling image as background image it won’t hurt the page loading time, even though image size is bigger for low band width users.
  • No script loading delay.

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Is Facebook running out of storage space? Yes REALLY its is

How many of you can believe that Facebook has crossed it’s disc space capacity?. Yes it happened at the moment. Even I admit that it can happen due any disc error or any other technical error. But It shows at the user end as Storage Error.

[img:Facebook Storage issue]

Facebook Storage issue

I was experienced same issue when I tried uploading to ‘Facebook Timeline Cover’ . the message was

unknown error

So I decided to uplaod as album photo, then add as time lime image . But again error. But that was good enough make me interested.

Storage Failure
We had trouble storing this photo, please try again in a few minutes.

Please check the exact message

Now the issue has been fixed and seems things under control too. Special kudos to the guys behind behind fixing so quick