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Google’s New Web Calculator to search – Amazing addition by Google Team

Wow!!. it’s really shocked to see Google’s new Calculator App on search results page. They have a made fantastic JavaScript calculator to replace their old calculator which just give you the result.

That too the calculator have have all the features of Scientific calculator!!

It work well in mobiles version too

Kudos to Google Team, as they are adding as many usability features to search everyday. I believe they are planning replace almost all desktop and web apps with Google.

Another innovation is “what is my ip”. Please search this keyword. Which will result you your public IP.. This will leads to the end of Era of many sites just to show your Ip.

why did first Google g|india!@ Chennai become a big failure ?

I have no ideas, how many of you guys have attended Google g|day event was conducted at Chennai Trade center on 19th-20th of this month. I can assure, it will be really hard to find at least few satisfied people from all of them. Unfortunately I was also attended the meeting . But it was  one of the crap seminar/conference/event I have attended so far( I mean professional meetups).

It lacks in following areas

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Media element js – A HTML5/Jquery Video Player – Streaming Video Not working issue – A Quick Solution


Recently I have worked in an HTML 5 App for Ipad. It was basically video presentation framework. initially the requirement was like a video which we need to play in iPad with all other features of of Video Presentation. It’s exactly like replacing a flash/silverlight application to JQUERY/HTML5. we have done same with MediaElement.js


But after getting ‘wow ” from client, they were asked us to replace the video with a streaming video. But the url given was not a video link. It’s like youtube video links. It was simply out puts a video player on clicking the link. On close inspection it was observed that it was made by usin of jwpalyer(!!) – another wonderful HTML5/Jquery Video Player . So the its become the much easier for us. Because the video is hard coded (!!!).

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Screen Shots

I am just sharing the screenshot of my windows 8 machine – windows 8 customer preview screen for those who missed that awesome change from microsoft. A windows less windows from Microsoft.

I believe this is going to be another great attempt from Microsoft after Windows. Please check How to install windows 8 from USB to know more about how to install windows 8

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