Cake PHP 2.0 matured to beta

Cake PHP, just released its released 2.0 beta version. Main features in the releases

  • Microsoft SqlServer 2008 and 2011 is now a first class citizen
  • FormHelper is now able to guess model metadata again, it is now advisable to hint the helper with the controller $uses property of what models is the controller using. This contrasts with 1.3 applications where $uses supposed a performance hit. This is not true anymore for 2.0
  • The i18n extract shell is now able to exclude plugins from the process or extract one in particular
  • The validation messages in models can now be automatically extracted by the i18n shell, there is no need as in 1.3 applications for translating the messages in the constructor anymore
  • Default routes are now located in their own file that needs to be included in your app/Config/routes.php, make sure you update it!
  • Dispatcher now takes a CakeResponse as a second argument, make sure you update your app/webroot/index.php file!
  • Model::saveAll() was refactored and now the model has saveMany, saveAssociatied, validateMany and validateAssociated methods
  • Model::find() was refactored and the query building process is done a in new buildQuery() method
  • Lots of performance improvements From this point, the CakePHP core team will focus on fixing any bug that pops out on the lighthouse[3] and finish the new 2.0 book[4] which is now git based and compiled using sphinx. If you feel like you can give us a hand on getting an excellent documentation, please feel free to fork the repo and send us pull request for changes. We are also looking forward improving our API documentation, so pull requests for doc blocks in code are also very welcome!
Subin George