Challenges in Payment gateway integration

A few months after I left Agriya, I got an opportunity to work the Payment Gateway Integration.  You may wonder why I have mentioned Agriya here. Yes, that’s truly important as I have done more than 25 different payment gateways for various countries in Agriya in a short duration of 3months.  This is because, that was peak time for Agriya’s Groupon and Fiverr  clone scripts. I sware, still Agriya’s groupon and fiverr clones are the best in industry. This is because, they are equipped with perfect implementation, security, efficiency and  features. I appreciate the hands and brains behind it. So I thought of sharing some sharing a common points I come across in these


Common Challenges.

  • Non availability of documents if available, Non  availability in English version
  • Poorly documented
  • Non availability of   Sandbox/testing accounts
  • Non availability of codes in developers  native  Language
  • Security of implementations
  • Poor and inefficient response and error codes .

Still now the better Payment solution I come across is PayPal. I personally appreciate power of it. It is clearly documented and it secure. But it  will SECURE only if we done the correct way. There are many ways to cheat the system if have not implemented well.

Security Measures

  • Amount send should compare with amount received
  • If possible encode all params before you send (POST/GET) to gateway
  • Create a parity concept. For example ,create a hash of all the values sent  and check with value received
  • Check the  currency you have sent and which you received.
  • If IPN concept is there, make sure  that all the you received from right sources .
  • LOG all transactions regardless of status.
  • LOG all the input received  as serialized format for future reference.







Subin George
  • Ward Ardizone

    Love your blog!

  • Jordan

    Can you do Ideal gateway integration ?
    Ideal gateway by: Target pay or sisow

    • Hi Jordan, Thanks for showing interest. we can do that. Please drop a mail with you requirements to [ phpsaint [at] live [dot] com ]