Facebook – Privacy Settings – Improvements

I personally believe it gives more power to the Facebook. But I am sure 80% people are still not using things, which are supposed to. So I am sharing with you.

Today I checked almost 100 profiles of random Girls, But very few are used the privacy settings correctly. So I suggest you use privacy settings seriously.

You can see the following alerts while you adding friends in Facebook, if you don’t want Friendships from strangers in the profile settings


You can see the Error Also. Looks like they are working on it now. Thanks god that idiot didn’t printed the object.



I am adding the screen shot of Privacy settings for reference



Also you must be careful while accepting APP requests, because they pull any information from you. Also they spam you too.

Subin George
  • Jaelyn

    Full of salient pinots. Don’t stop believing or writing!

  • Ward Ardizone

    Love your blog!