How to avoid SSH session timeout in PuTTY?

Its quite interesting question and very simple too. We used to work with PuTTY, sometimes  we may get irritated with quick timeouts.

But for normal users its fare to get timeout after the predefined time. Most of the time , the server which connects  will have more sensitive data. I recommend to NOT TO use the if its highly required.

Scenarios where we need long execution timeout are

  • Some process with requires more than an hour to finish
  • You are force to work on multiple work together with ssh, like New sever  setup , sever migration etc.


  1. Open PuTTY.
  2. Select Left Menu ‘Connection‘.
  3. Add seconds between keep alive, based on on you sever. If not sure put 120.
  4. Also u can enable TCP commands SO_KEEP_ALIVE option.



Subin George
  • Extremely helpful airclte, please write more.

  • Purandaran Vuthayagiri

    Thank you. Very helpful article.

    • Subin George