Is Facebook running out of storage space? Yes REALLY its is

How many of you can believe that Facebook has crossed it’s disc space capacity?. Yes it happened at the moment. Even I admit that it can happen due any disc error or any other technical error. But It shows at the user end as Storage Error.

[img:Facebook Storage issue]

Facebook Storage issue

I was experienced same issue when I tried uploading to ‘Facebook Timeline Cover’ . the message was

unknown error

So I decided to uplaod as album photo, then add as time lime image . But again error. But that was good enough make me interested.

Storage Failure
We had trouble storing this photo, please try again in a few minutes.

Please check the exact message

Now the issue has been fixed and seems things under control too. Special kudos to the guys behind behind fixing so quick

Subin George
  • Andrew

    Look at your heading, man. IT’s is awful, lol !

  • PD

    Just had the same problem now urghhh.

  • Brookklynn

    It’s doing this same problem to me right now.

  • Gerina

    I have the same problem now.

  • Ehsan

    urrggggghhhhh 🙁 🙁

  • Same with me. about 2 hours and still persistent up to now :s

  • I too am having problems uploading photo … same message storage failure … try again ….. 🙁

  • Just having the same messages happen to me all afternoon… uhgh

  • me 2 argh

  • HDP

    Having this same problem this morning! Grrrrrrr!!!

  • Having this same problem now

  • giuseppe

    me tooooo right now!!!!

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  • sazar

    Issue been happening whole day,still now.How do we fix?

  • Still Failin 😀

  • So mine, in Thailand.

  • im having this problem right now….some pics will upload, some wont….grrrrr

  • Ameen

    Same here. Been at least an hour so far

  • Niko

    Same here…

  • tom

    same here in france…gah!!!

  • Storage Failure
    We had trouble storing this photo, please try again in a few minutes. On 6 pages and counting

  • tom

    (Visited 8,080 times, 5,002 visits today)

    i think fb may have a problem

  • Trying to upload an album……….same message as above…storage failure, blah blah blah, please try again in a few minutes. No luck.

  • same issue right now with me

  • I propose we delete all photos of Obama and Lady Gaga, that should free us up for another year..

    • John

      and Justin Bieber as well

  • matako

    same here. Useless facebook!

  • matako

    by the number of responses seems its a facebook wide problem today for many 🙂

  • killthgirl

    mw too. im getting frustrated!

  • Alicia

    Just had it happen to me….???

  • Alicia

    just got mine up….finally

  • Emily

    its really bugging me, come on Facebook, I have photos to upload!

  • /gg

    What The Hell About that my baby picture i cannot upload please fix it 🙁

  • cap

    garghh!!!same prob too!!.been trying for the past 2 hours and still can’t upload any photos!!

  • SD

    same here, having problems uploading

  • Ken

    the same happened in 2008 slight glitch maybe a ddos attack

  • steve

    Last night not a problem. This morning the storage problem appeared and still exists. A real pain in the ass.

  • amy

    yup I am trying to upload kids prom pics and deleted like 10 albums to make sure I had room and keep getting this message …….tons of family are waiting to see

  • amy p

    this is so irritating I really need to get these pics uploaded for family and friends

  • I’ve been experiencing this issue all afternoon, I tried with 2 family members profiles and it’s the same on theirs. I googled the issue and it appears to be Facebook’s problem, so it’s a system wide thing then. Just let’s be patient and hope it’s fixed quickly.

  • same here in Greece!

  • Cyprus the same

  • ALI

    have the problem now makes me so fcking mad…

  • Lynn

    i have the same problem at the moment. it’s annoying me!

  • harry

    aaaah FUk u fb

  • da

    i have been expercing in the problem, thought it was just my facebook, that wouldn’t let me upload photos so i went and deleted some old albums but still didnt work


    OMG !
    Me 2 same problem
    how to solve???

  • Sley

    It just happened to me 1hr ago

  • Pesmerga

    happening to me right now…rrrrrrrrr!

  • Bruce Brummitt

    same happening here.

  • Same here. Only trying to upload 3 photos today…!!!

  • Nela

    It wont let me upload any, why?

  • Omg… this has been bothering me for 30 minutes now…never happened before…i think this might be the end of times..the day that facebook has no more space to give for free..

  • cdo

    same here in sri lanka

  • bloody hell, its true!!!

  • john

    same sweden