My First Blog Post – I am back

Due to restrictions by my previous employer I was force to stop my blogging.  As per their policies we should NOT do lot of things, which includes Blogging too. It was literally irritating to me. But I was enjoyed Life @ there. It was brilliant. I have done lots of things.  But I forget my favorite hobby. I was force to shutdown my blog

Now   I left them and I started missing my hobby. Ultimately my blog too. So I decided to come with a new me domain, which I feel more personal or at least more close me 🙂

Now I am planning to come out this BLOG as a platform to express my thoughts, my ideas and to share my knowledge, thoughts and thirst.

I am welcoming you all to this blog and expressing my thanks to all of you for the support.

Disclaimer:- All the information/content posted here is NO WHERE related to my current employer or any of my previous employers. This is purely my asset and I am posting them with personal experience.  This is applicable to all the blogs/pages/comments and all the upcoming blogs in the

Subin George