why did first Google g|india!@ Chennai become a big failure ?

I have no ideas, how many of you guys have attended Google g|day event was conducted at Chennai Trade center on 19th-20th of this month. I can assure, it will be really hard to find at least few satisfied people from all of them. Unfortunately I was also attended the meeting . But it was  one of the crap seminar/conference/event I have attended so far( I mean professional meetups).

It lacks in following areas

Event Management was a real crap

  • They don’t have real idea of what they are suppose to do.
  • No Time management. Event was getting delayed like anything.
  • No place to sit/eat.
  • Even don’t have glasses for drinking water.
  • f they cannot manage this many people why the hell they have initiated the same

No Proper Plan, Even on Day two

  •  No power backup!!!!, Shocked?, Yes we were in darkness for 30mintues.
  • No proper arrangement for food, water..
  • There were many people sitting in floor for Android development and there are more 70% seats are free Google maps class. What an amazing plan!!!!.

Selection of Topics and Quality  Of Topics

  • Do you guys expect a detailed class Google Map – search for pedestrians route in 2012 by Google  experts? . It was like real irritation to all professionals, who were attended the meetups to see latest trends. In fact we were expected is Google ideas in incubator or Just born kids. Not about 10 Yr old Projects.
  • Similarly they were explaining about  what is Android, what is Google Docs collaborations to Techies, who were have more than 2yr experience in the same field.
  • I think topics must be properly defined based on audience capability.

Selection of Audience

  • I meet many technical architects/ project managers/ TLs in various companies(Simply MNCs) and the same time I can able to see local/low class gunda like people they were just roaming make noise as  well some nuisance like commenting gals and other participants.
  • I can even see lots of young kids( like just passed +2). How can you guy’s share same topic to 10+  experienced person and 10+2 student?

Finally, Even they S***ks at lunch

Yes, unfortunately even that was true.

Yes, they have given [1pupse + 1 samosa + 1 burger(they said so!!!) + 1 packet chips+ ice cream ]. What as amazing lunch to South Indian people. How  can we image of  a lunch without Biriyani and Curd rice. I think you guys must research on this before such meetups.

Just two place fro serving place fro 1300+ people(!!!!)

And there was no place to sit/having?. People are like siting on floor like beggars. It was  literally irritating.


  • We are expecting much better  level of quality from the gloabl web leader.
  • Selection of right partners will help to save you face better
  • Food: You guys  must be atleast care full next time. There no better  way to reach people heart than though stomach.

My experience

I was invited on 2oth and was reached there by 9.00AM and the program was started too late and started with an Intro(which was nice) and  then I struggle 15mins to get a coffee. Then I dropped the plan. Then  Google Map – Class.  after that I had lunch(!!!) after 20mins of Queue. Then I left because I have no more patience to sit there after.

Thanks guys for wasting half day and petrol.

Subin George
  • Uttam Kumar

    I think what your talking is bull sh…, i was there for the event on both the days, on 19 and 20. yes they did have some problem like net connection on the first day, and offer course power failed on the 2nd day but all this is not the problem of Google (all this should have been taken care by the event organizer) The team Google did very well at what they are good at it. All there team members were very clear with what they were talking and presenting both on stage and off stage

    • HI Uttam kumar,

      It’s really nice hear that you have enjoyed both days(!!).

      Hope you have read my full blog. I have no intention to blame any one who did wonderful job.But there are not many silly/cheap mistakes there. I was just trying to convey what I felt over there.

      What I was mentioned that, way it was organized was crap. Yes, it was.

      Selection of topic and people were bad. yes it was.

      I hope you are techie, so i think you can justify points too.

      In fact I can’t waste by office hours to just to hear “what is Google map”
      and “what is android”. If so they shouldn’t have called us. It’s not a comment from me. It was done by one of Technical architect of Cognizant .I have meet too many people with similar feeling,

      Hope you see, have many people left there in trade center after lunch section.

      Note: My Colleague, who is dealing SEO , told that day I was really good. But I have no REAL clue. But technology days was expected to done better.


  • I agree they could have done better. This is probably first time blues 🙂
    Let’s wait for the next year GDay Chennai.


    • Hi Jash,

      Thanks for the feedback and please keep giving more comments to me. So that I can improve my self.

      Even I belive Google will do a good job next time.. Let us wait for that.