Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Installation with USB/DVD/ISO steps and Troubleshooting – Part 1

Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Installation with USB/DVD/ISO

Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Installation with USB/DVD/ISOAfter weeks of its download, now I have got a chance to install windows 8 Consumer Preview. I have installed them in my laptop machine in dual boot mode. My machine is Lenovo Y410 45Q. It was actually test that I have tried dual boot to see how it works. But it was amazing.

I would like to share my install experience with you all. I am adding all the screen shots with little comment to make it more comfortable to you.

Over All complexity: Medium. It’s exactly same as windows 7 installation, except few colour changes and minor UI tweaks.

Note: So sorry about the quality of screens as we cannot take screen shots while doing install as I was not tried in Virtual machine.

I suggest you can try either Microsoft Windows Virtual PC or VMware or Oracle VM VirtualBox . Because it just for consumer preview and is little buggy and you are not supposed to use for production.

Step1: Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Go to and give your valid Email ID as you required serial key to install it, which will be mailed to you.

Step2: Make sure that you have valid downloaded file.

Step3: Download and install Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool (if you don’t have it already)

Download link:

For download and install instructions please follow:

Install the software as normally.

Step3: created the boot disk with Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

It can be USB boot or DVD drive based on your convenience.

It is simple too where you can select source ISO file and destination drive.

Sadly it won’t accept cracked windows ISO. I have tried many times and was a failure. But now I realized the issue.

Select the USB device or DVD based on your need.

Important: It will format the disk, so make sure that you have backup of your drive

It may take few minutes to complete. So be patient.

Yes now your boot disc is ready

Step4: Boot with the newly made boot disc.


  • Please enable USB Legacy from BIOS to assure that you can boot from USB.
  • Setup the boot order if the device doesn’t support direct boot device switching
Subin George