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Media element js – A HTML5/Jquery Video Player – Streaming Video Not working issue – A Quick Solution


Recently I have worked in an HTML 5 App for Ipad. It was basically video presentation framework. initially the requirement was like a video which we need to play in iPad with all other features of of Video Presentation. It’s exactly like replacing a flash/silverlight application to JQUERY/HTML5. we have done same with MediaElement.js


But after getting ‘wow ” from client, they were asked us to replace the video with a streaming video. But the url given was not a video link. It’s like youtube video links. It was simply out puts a video player on clicking the link. On close inspection it was observed that it was made by usin of jwpalyer(!!) – another wonderful HTML5/Jquery Video Player . So the its become the much easier for us. Because the video is hard coded (!!!).

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How to create background image Ads using pure HTML and CSS? A better, quick and smart way

Now a days “background image Ads” are becoming one of the common revenue making concepts in internet industry. But most of us, still unaware, how can make can we implement it. Technically there are too many ways to do it, including few jQuery solutions. But after experiencing with most of this I realized that HTML/CSS version is better and efficient in many aspects.

Some of the advantages are

  • CSS/HTML version is much quicker and easier.
  • Easy to understand.
  • As we are calling image as background image it won’t hurt the page loading time, even though image size is bigger for low band width users.
  • No script loading delay.

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