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Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Screen Shots

I am just sharing the screenshot of my windows 8 machine – windows 8 customer preview screen for those who missed that awesome change from microsoft. A windows less windows from Microsoft.

I believe this is going to be another great attempt from Microsoft after Windows. Please check How to install windows 8 from USB to know more about how to install windows 8

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CakePHP 2.0 501 Not implemented error on form submission – Fix

Yesterday I was found strange issue with my new cake project. It was running great in local machine windows as well Linux machine. Developer has moved them to live sever with CentOs 5.8. After a few minutes I got call from Client representative that “Nothing is working”. Then I go through it and finally realized that there is an issues in add action of a major module. I was checking submitting by form many times. Issues are keeping on coming and are very strange too. Because form was just one input (select) and submit button. I was checked the security module, even after disabling it, we are getting same issues.

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Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames of Gmail!!

Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames of GmailYes its true, Google is no longer treating the dots as characters (or simply not even considering it!!). I just found this in Gmail is as mistake; I simply typed my username by missing the one dot in it. But it let me login. I was really shocked and tried mail to me by removing all the dots in username. But I received the email immediately. So I started researched on this.

In fact Google admitted this (Not as bug!!), they just telling that Google will ignore all dots in emails. For more info please read

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Installation with USB/DVD/ISO steps and Troubleshooting – Part 1

Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Installation with USB/DVD/ISOAfter weeks of its download, now I have got a chance to install windows 8 Consumer Preview. I have installed them in my laptop machine in dual boot mode. My machine is Lenovo Y410 45Q. It was actually test that I have tried dual boot to see how it works. But it was amazing.

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Google Analytics over cross domain or multiple Domains

[img:Google Analytics over cross domain or multiple Domains]

Google Analytics over cross domain or multiple Domains

Google always recommends using separate analytical IDs and script for different domains. That is the best solution as we can track total stats of each domain properly. But sometimes we may face some scenarios where you need to track the stats of all domains.

But the Google Analytics documents have no mention on this. But there are ways to implement this.

The scenario’s where we need cross domain or multiple domains are,

  • We need summarized report on site stats of all domains
  • Business need a boosted or common report
  • Need a common goal analysis for all cross domains.

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How to create background image Ads using pure HTML and CSS? A better, quick and smart way

Now a days “background image Ads” are becoming one of the common revenue making concepts in internet industry. But most of us, still unaware, how can make can we implement it. Technically there are too many ways to do it, including few jQuery solutions. But after experiencing with most of this I realized that HTML/CSS version is better and efficient in many aspects.

Some of the advantages are

  • CSS/HTML version is much quicker and easier.
  • Easy to understand.
  • As we are calling image as background image it won’t hurt the page loading time, even though image size is bigger for low band width users.
  • No script loading delay.

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Who is behind WordPress?

I have been using WordPress f more than 5 years. But I was never thought who is behind WordPress, or just ignored. Now I feel, it’s mandatory to honor them as they are doing such great job for such a long years. In fact they redefined the blogging concept and simplify the web developments and made it easily reachable to normal people. Like what Microsoft did with windows, which in turn made people used to with computers. But we cannot compare both windows and wordpress as windows was/is/will always a paid version but WordPress was never be. Even now only rare numbers of people knows that WordPress has a paid version (VIP WordPress).

The heart and soul of WordPress is Automattic . They slogan is says what they really do

“We are passionate about making the web a better place”.

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