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Major challenges faced by the SEO teams today

From the day one I start heard about the concept of SEO, I was really curious about it. Initially I thought it was small area, but my after studying basic concepts I started realizing the REAL depth of the SEO. It is like ocean.

After researching on little on SEO realized it not just back links building and directory submission, it’s basically has some ethics defined by the god of search

With my experience with SEO teams and few SEO Projects, am listing the major challenges faced by the SEO teams as,

  • No understanding of what exactly SEO is.
  • Bad understanding of Google Search Algorithm.
  • Creation of nonsense keywords, just to show that we are in the top of Google rank.
  • Bad understanding of customer need.
  • Bad definition of HTML page just for SEO.
  • Violation of Basic ethics.
  • Believing that Just Link building is SEO.
  • No conversion to real business.
  • No proper tools to Analysis the real stats
  • No understanding of what good rank and Alexa rank represents.
  • Usage of Link Blast tools like Xrumer by you or by your competitor.
  • Improper use of Google Adwords.

I would like give details analysis on each of this on coming days. Please keep posted here.